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goodly yet much muss

To: person, place, or thing From: x, y, z, The Garage Theatre (November 2019)

Life happens. goodly yet much muss is a duet that pinpoints and celebrates its inevitable, chaotic actuality. Sometimes it takes a personal step to embrace the big mess life is, but in doing so, we find that we are unable to do anything about it anyway.

Sound: Katelyn Sanchez

Performers: Makenna LaFortune & Alexandra Rix​

gymm 1.jpg

This is for yesterday

To: person, place, or thing From: x, y, z, The Garage Theatre (November 2019)

This solo narrates the captivity that enshrouds those who attempt to fulfill another's expectation of beauty. This is for yesterday encapsulates this internal torture episodically, one fit after another.

Sound: Katelyn Sanchez

Performer: Katelyn Sanchez

Costume Inspiration: Weronika Gęsicka


Rootless Cosmopolitans

NEW SHOES 18, Highways Performance Space (July 2018)

Rootless Cosmopolitans is a quartet inspired by the theory of mind therefore creating an awareness of complex relations between self and others. With an introspective yet acutely conscious atmosphere, the dancers find a joint reality through intention, choice in reciprocal interaction, and the constant consistency of emotional fluctuations. The dancers relay relatability in their diversity.

Music: "rootless" - Cameron Johnston

Performers: Spencer Jensen, Makenna LaFortune, Justin Morris, Alexandra Rix​

Review by LA Dance Chronicle


For the good instruction of the village

Laptop Ensemble, Gerald Daniel Recital Hall (May 2018)

Artist Exchange, California State University, Long Beach's Central Quad (April 2018) 

As depicted by playwright, Arthur Miller, in The Crucible, mass hysteria and religious intolerance are elements that shape a space for self-doubt and a loss of self. For the good instruction of the village narrates the individual’s indulgence of too many projected and dogmatic voices. The struggle against sacrificing independent convictions for those of another is revealed.​

Music: "cell" - Cameron Johnston

Performer: Alexandra Rix

for the good 2.jpeg

tibetan Ghosts

Contemporary Dance Concert, Martha B. Knoebal Dance Theater (February 2018)

tibetan Ghosts, an explorative work, hopes to provide a visual snapshot of being in the state of anxiety, which then forces the audience to experience its unintelligible and inherent restlessness

Music: "Clockworks" - Laurie Spiegel

Performers: Amber Kim, Kaia Makihara, Meg Murphy

Garments: Kelsey Vidic


a dissertation upon poetry;

Film Project (December 2017)

​This project was created as a direct response to a chapter about the duty of artists in Samuel Johnson's The History of Rasselas, Prince of Abissinia. Because the specific chapter discusses the fact that "nothing can be useless," a dissertation upon poetry: explores the most ordinary and commonplace through observation, stillness, and repetition. 


Text: Excerpts from The History of Rasselas, Prince of Abissinia by Samuel Johnson.

Vocals: Katelyn Sanchez

Performer: Alexandra Rix


As She Speaks or So You Said

BFA Variance Concert, Martha B. Knoebal Dance Theater (October 2017)

As She Speaks or So You Said aspires to portray the personal yet universal process of transformation through three female dancers. Because the piece is heavily inspired by literature, each dancer performs her solo as a specific character, revealing different points in her transfiguration.

Music: "Rabbits 1 and 2" - Cameron Johnston

Text: "As She Speaks" - Katelyn Sanchez

Performer: Elenna Derkach, Chloe S. Lawrence, Akari Takahashi

Understudy: Jocelyn Garcia

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